This is genius. I knew at first sight this thing was plain genius. I knew it would save me precious flyfishing and porchsitting time. I saw a cheap insurance for my fingers and that i needed one immediately. ”Stikkan” is originally an invention from Telemark Norway, now made in Sweden and currently sold to a number of European countries. I was at first hesitant installing it indoors but know now it takes absolutely no muscling around, it doesn’t make a mess and best of all is extremely safe. The edge is self-honing and the lever produces more than a whopping ton of pressure so i had no trouble splitting even the most grouchy birchlogs found in my shed. Stikkan is also good looking, almost sculpturesque. Three IPA’s and a slight squint of the eye: Giacometti! Get yours here: Stikkan

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  1. A blacksmith in Alberta Canada makes these as well. My sisters chipped in and got me one for my birthday – I have to wait until the summer to see and use it. Looks good in your home. I usually use an axe for my kindling. This will be safer by far.

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