I finally got to visit Swedens only remaining working mountain farm on roadless land. A rough one hour drive on a 4-wheel road followed by a 7km walk through lush low alpine forests led me up to the open highlands where the 200 year old farm suddenly appeared. I was lucky enough to arrive at the birthday dinner for the seasoned farmhand Ragnar’s 60th-something birthday. The farm is more or less self-sufficient and even has it’s own sawmill. The ambiance and tranquillity around this place is out of this world. Bumping into the local gundog club out taking inventory of this years bird population when i got back to the car after 24 hours on the mountain was a welcome bonus. Read more about Lillhärjåbygget and it´s fantastic history (here).


  1. What an incredible place! I have seen this farm linked on several sites, and I have always wanted to travel there and see for myself. What fantastic heritage.

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